The Pros Closet


The Pros Closet is a reseller of lightly used high-quality bicycles. They buy, sell and trade new or slightly refurbished bicycles to their clientele in order for them to have better options than what they’d find at the big box stores. Previously only had an eBay storefront, The New eCommerce store features multiple different types of products that can appeal to people who are just starting out with this type of hobby as well as professional athletes looking for something more specialized!

I was assigned to work with the creative director at Pointer on updating their look. We came up with a simplified color scheme that would appeal to customers, updated their brand style by keeping clean fonts and showing off bold styles in an effort for them not be viewed as just another retail store but instead considered higher end due to the price point of bikes they sell. Considering how important it is for potential buyers viewing these images so they can make a decision before coming into purchase anything, we ensured large easy-to-navigate photos were showcased throughout the website design in order increase conversions while providing our clients quality items in return.

Design – Martine Cormier
Art Direction – Ryan Blaind
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