DPA Gold


DPA Gold specializes in seal oil capsules and liquid that provide the best source of Omega-3. They came to Pointer looking to improve their online presence with a new Shopify Site. They soon learned how easy it was for them not only to increase traffic, but also conversions by making just one change on their page: switching out two images for videos highlighting some of DPA's most popular products - Seal Oil Capsules and Liquid!

Along with a small team of designers at Pointer, we focused on making information accessible and appealing, with a special focus on ensuring that the site is approachable to its users. We did this by using familiar images, soft colours and fluid textures throughout in order to give an air of trustworthiness without looking too clinical or pharmaceutical. The clean text keeps it feeling reassuring for visitors while still offering strong statements about what they have developed!

Design – Martine Cormier
Art Direction – Ryan Blaind
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